Show You The Urwerk UR106 “Lotus” Ladies Replica

URWERK Ladies Replica releases the latest interpretation of their trademark satellite display replica watch, this time for the ladies. URWERK replica watches have the reputation of being rare, technically advanced, elaborate to the point of complexity, and classy. However, one thing lacks among the various attributes of the brand — its replica watches are not seen as feminine. Until now. The new URWERK  UR-106 Replica also known as the “Lotus”, is the first from the independent brand that is made for women.
Show You The Urwerk UR106 “Lotus” Ladies Replica
The UR-106 “Lotus” features the brand’s signature satellite hours in a guise never before seen. Three satellite hours wander across the dial to create the most graphic of horological blooms. “We never made replica watches for men and replica watches for women because we never thought in those terms when we put our ideas down on paper,” explains Martin Frei, the company’s chief designer and co-founder. “We thus embarked on a stylistic exercise that was unprecedented for us. We have of course long considered what we regard as the ultimate challenge, because creating for women is indeed a perilous undertaking. With its glittering gemstones and soft curves we created the UR-106 with one image in mind; that of the lotus flower, which in my imagination represents the beauty of women in all their complexity.”

On the wrist. Size wise, the black titanium case is well designed for the ladies’ wrist. The contrast of black diamonds and black titanium against the luminous green markers further draws attention to the replica watch.

The UR-106 “Lotus” comes in two versions: one is in titanium and steel with diamonds on the bezel, crown and buckle; its antithesis is in black PVC-coated titanium and steel set with black diamonds. “We confronted the two aspects of the same replica watch — light on one hand and darkness on the other,” enlarges Martin Frei. “We are all creatures of light, but it is our shadows that complete, and define who we are. Tangible dualities are qualities essential to understand the nature of things. In darkness and light, the UR-106 “Lotus” is a double replica watch.”

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