Hands-On With Blancpain Villeret Dual Time Zone Replica Watch

Today Blancpain men’s replica is one of the jewels of the Swatch group, providing a complimentary brand to Breguet and offering competition against the venerable Vacheron Constantin (which is part of the rival Richemont group). While Breguet offers traditional designs and old-world craftsmanship, and a distinctive brand style common to all models, Blancpain has a “younger” style with clean and simple dress watches like the Villeret as well as bold sport designs like the Fifty Fathoms and L-Evolution collections.
Hands-On With Blancpain Villeret Dual Time Zone Replica Watch
When we received this mens Blancpian Villeret replica watch it immediately took me back to my early interest in watches when I was a teen. Blancpain was one of the first luxury watch brands I learned about. I once saw a very simple, sober Blancpain design being advertised in an issue of Robb Report, and immediately fell in love with the brand and the design. I can’t recall the exact watch, but I remember it had a gold case, white dial, and a leather strap. That became the prototypical “high-end watch” in my own mind from that point on. It had to be elegant, perfectly proportioned, and classically styled. That remains my criteria for my personal watches to this day, though I have expanded my taste to include a few select sport models.
Hands-On With Blancpain Villeret Dual Time Zone Replica Watch
Looking over the range of models, it can often seem that the brand lacks the focus you would expect from a high-end manufacture. They seem to be trying to sell a watch to everyone. Personally I have always liked the Villeret collection, and have a soft spot for the classic Fifty Fathoms.Where Patek Philippe has a particular style, Blancpain makes everything from an ultra-thin dress watch up to a ridiculous 55mm diver’s watch that makes a U-Boat look tame.

The Villeret Dual Time is a stunning, simple dress watch that is a classic example of Blancpain’s traditional style and elegance. In relation to complicated models from other high-end marques, it is relatively good value for a fine 18k gold timepiece with a nice movement and useable functions.

Even complicated models, like the Dual Time, have very simple dials that have a certain minimalism to them in spite of the extra registers. In that regard the Dual Time is a prototypical Villeret – add or subtract complications and you have an idea of what most of the lineup looks like.Most Villerets share the same aesthetic cues that make the line immediately recognizable to wrist spotters. They feature slim case profiles, narrow bezels and expansive dials, simple lugs and crowns, and a very clean dial designs.

The Dual Time was replaced recently by the Villeret Demi Fuseau Horaire, which adds some extra workmanship at the expense of the subtle elegance that sets this Blancpain copy watch apart.

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    Please can you give me a firm price for this replica Blancpain Dual Timezone watch, and advise if it is a permitted import to the UK ??

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